Designed as a Drop in replacement Kit.
1st, 2nd. 3rd, 4th , 5th, 6th.

Suitable for full race K-20 or K-24 where very close ratio
applications are required, such as road and gravel rallying.
Sprints, hill climbs or road race. Works extremely well with
a 5.06 or 5.08 Final Drive.
Ratios: 1st – 2.313 2nd -1.650 3rd -1.304 4th – 1.080
5th – 0.958 6th – 0.851
Kit consists of: A custom Main shaft, 4 custom Main Shaft Gears and Six Counter Shaft Gears.

Note: Recommend the use of GXSYN-118 Carbon Synchro Kit for all gearboxes- ’02-’04 or JDM ’05-06 or ‘07+ Si



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