GEAR-X 75/90W R Racing Gear Oil



Product Description
GEAR-X 75w90HD synthetic gear oil is designed to take 80% more load carrying capabilities than its competitors. GEAR-X 75w90HD is compounded with the most recently developed additive system to provide the ultimate in gear protection, from an E.P. wear, corrosive wear, and shock load wear standpoint. A friction modifier is also employed to reduce sliding friction resulting in lower energy requirements, thus less drag, lower fuel consumption, and more horsepower.

GEAR-X synthetic gear oils offer both cold temperature advantages (Pour Point is -45°F) and high temperature stability (Flash Point is 480°F). As a multigrade product meeting the low temperature viscosity requirements of a SAE 75 W grade gear oil, but also meeting the viscosity requirement of SAE 90 grade at operating temperatures. The base is a unique combination of synthetic components that permits meeting SAE 75w90 viscosity requirements without the need for a viscosity improver.

Extended Lubricant Utility

GEAR-X 75w90HD gear oil spans a wide range of viscosity classifications making it the first truly dependable “All Seasons” gear oil. This means it will flow and properly lubricate at the lowest winter temperature while providing the film strength for heavy duty operations during boiling hot summer driving conditions. The advantages of such an oil have long been recognized as evidenced by the universal acceptance of multiviscosity motor oils.

Many lubricant manufacturers have previously offered multi-graded gear oils. These oils have been formulated with the conventional viscosity index improvers used to produce multi-vis oils. But these additives, which work so well in motor oils, will not

Withstand the extreme pressures and shearing forces encountered in normal gear operation. Consequently, the advantages of multi-grading are lost after only a few thousand miles of service.

The new additive system used in GEAR-X 75w90RHD is almost totally resistant to these forces. GEAR-X 75w90RHD shows virtually no change in grade even after 50,000 miles of more of operation in heavily loaded, hypoid axle drives. This means that in addition to the fuel savings generated, GEAR-X will provide true year round performance in all climates from arctic cold to desert heat. Additionally, it will provide superior all around performance in virtually all applications calling for gear oil rated from GL-2 through GL-6, in any viscosity grade from 75w, 80w90, or 90w. This can result in reduced gear oil inventories allowing a single lubricant to replace as many as 4 or 5 separate oils.


GEAR-X 75w90HD gear oil is recommended for automotive type gear service in manual transmissions, differentials, transfer cases, over-drive units, oil lubricated wheel bearing, oil lubricated universal joints, steering gear boxes, or any other gear unit calling for a high quality heavy duty 75w90 hypoid type gear oil. GEAR-X.

75w90HD is also recommended for use in all limited slip type differential designs. GEAR-X 75w90HD meets or exceeds performance requirements of Military Specification Mil-L-2105B, Mil-L2105-C, and API Specification GL-5, GL-6, and SAE Classification J306a.

GEAR-X Synthetic Gear Lubricant has been race-proven in endurance competitions all over the world. 


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Specific gravity 15.6°C (60°F) 0.87
Flash, °C 246 (475°F)
Viscosity @ 100°C cST (SUS) 15.4
Brookfield vis., -40°C 48.500
Pour Point -45
Viscosity Index 180
7-Day Moisture Corrosion (L-33) PASS
API GL-5 Test Sequence PASS
Mil-L-2105 C Test Sequence PASS

*Subject to normal manufacturing tolerances


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